Star Tron Diesel Fuel Treatment - 32 oz. | Star Brite 093132

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Star Tron Diesel Fuel Treatment - 16 oz. | Star Brite 093116

Star Brite Star Tron Diesel Fuel Treatment - 32 oz. | 093132

Unique enzyme fuel additive prevents diesel fuel issues, disperses water in fuel, cleans fuel system components and stabilizes 1024 gallons of diesel for long term storage.

  • Star Brite StarTron enzyme diesel fuel treatment
  • Prevents and solves diesel fuel problems
  • 32 oz. treats up to 1024 gallons of diesel fuel
  • 1 oz. treats 16 gallons of diesel fuel for initial dosage/32 gallons of fuel after initial use
  • Improves the performance and start up of diesel engines
  • Increases fuel efficiency and economy
  • Stabilizes diesel fuel for up to two years
  • Helps rejuvenate old fuel
  • Cleans entire fuel delivery system from tank to injectors
  • Removes gum and carbon deposits and prevents future deposits
  • Reduces exhaust emissions including particulate smoke and diesel soot
  • Disperses water and helps prevent bacteria growth without the use of biocides
  • Meets low sulfur requirements for diesel engines
  • Lowers quasar fuel system maintenance
  • Can be safely used in all types of marine diesel engines
  • Overdosing is not harmful to engine or fuel systems

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