Piranha Propellers B Series 4 Blade Propeller Replacement Blades

Piranha Propellers B4 Replacement Blades

The Piranha Propellers modular design allows for blades to be replaced due to damage or to be re-pitched for performance. The key to the patented Piranha Propellers boat propeller is the hub. The center hub is made from a high-strength aluminum core, over molded with a specially-formulated composite material.

The Piranha Propellers blades are designed to absorb the shock of a propeller strike, which virtually eliminates lower unit damage. The Piranha boat prop hub is so strong that it is guaranteed for life, “you damage it, Piranha Propellers will replace it.” The Piranha Propellers design also eliminates spun boat propeller hubs.

The replaceable blades are manufactured from a specially formulated high-strength aerospace composite material. The manufacturing process is so precise, that the blade shape and pitch distribution is superior to Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Blade balance is no longer a problem as the Piranha Propellers blades are balanced to 2 times the industry standard. The precise balancing reduces lower unit damage caused by vibration.

Replacement Blades for Piranha Propellers are sold individually or in sets of (3) or (4) blades.