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Piranha Propellers Complete D-Series 3-Blade Propeller

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Piranha Propellers Complete D-Series 3-Blade Propeller

Piranha Propellers are known for their high-strength composite material and their modular construction. The unique hub design allows for fast, easy on-the-go propeller repair, saving boaters time and money.

Piranha Propellers Complete D-Series 3-Blade Propeller




1 - Piranha Propellers Hub Kit

1 - Piranha Propellers Blade Set


 A complete Piranha Propeller is made up of the Hub,  either 3 or 4 Blades, and the Cap.

 The Piranha blades are designed to absorb the shock of a propeller strike, which virtually eliminates lower unit damage. The rear cap retains the blades in the hub. The center hub is manufactured with an aluminum core, over molded with high strength composite material.

  “Always carry Spare Blades.”

Piranha’s boat propeller offers the fastest repair time around, but it’s important to have the parts to do the repair with. Whether you use 3 blade boat propellers or 4 blade boat propellers, since you can’t break more blades than are on the prop, we encourage you to simply carry a full spare set. True, you probably won’t damage them all at once, but this way you can ensure the propeller remains properly balanced and maintains the correct propeller pitch. Besides, won’t you feel better knowing you can fix it if you do, without ruining the rest of your day?

Piranha Propellers Free Shipping

Stronger than Aluminum

Repair or re-pitch in minutes

Does not corrode

Saves on repair costs

Piranha Propellers and Made in the USA

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