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AC Digital Multimeter With Alarm | Blue Sea 8247

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AC Digital Multimeter With Alarm | Blue Sea 8247

AC Digital Multimeter With Alarm | Blue Sea 8247

Digital multi-function meter displays selectable AC electrical system information including amperage usage, system voltage, frequency, & power measurement.

  • AC multimeter
  • Monitors and displays AC electrical system status
  • High voltage, low voltage, and high amperage audio and visual alarms alerts when programmable thresholds are crossed
  • Provides AC system's amperage usage from 0 to 150 amps | Provides AC system's voltage level from 80 to 270 volts | Provides AC system's power up to 35 kilowatts
  • Show AC system's frequency from 40 to 90 HZ
  • Power consumption of .60 to 1 watt
  • Features easy-to-read LED characters and 3 levels of display brightness
  • 9/16 in. display character size
  • Sleep mode clears display to conserve power
  • Splash-proof front for installation in locations that may be exposed to spray
  • Includes AC current transformer P/N 8256
  • Cleanly surface mounts with a 2 in. hole cutout
  • Panel mounts with Blue Seas P/N 8013 or 1475 – sold separately

Monitor your electrical system with a compact easy to read digital meter

Utilize a small, simple to read digital meter to keep an eye on your electrical system.

Monitoring your electrical system maintains it running at peak efficiency, lengthens the battery life, and warns you of changes before they become problems. Blue Sea Systems offers a convenient approach to obtain electrical data on a legible LED display. Select the appropriate meter to get precisely the data you require to verify that your systems are operating as intended. For displaying AC voltage, DC voltage, current, or frequency, single-function displays are available. Install a number of single function meters to track formation simultaneously, or choose a multimeter and use the push buttons on the face to flip through the data.

Multiple mounting choices simplify installation. These meters can be surface mounted anywhere a 2" hole can be drilled, and a lock nut is used to hold the display in place. These meters can replace analog meters to enhance functionality and improve visibility. They are compatible with Blue Sea Systems breaker panels. If an existing breaker panel is unavailable or does not include a meter cutout, a dedicated mounting panel can nonetheless create the same appearance (model 288136).

Each meter has three brightness settings, which makes using the red LED digital display at night even easier on your eyes. You can program multimeters and single-function meters with alarms to notify you of system changes using auditory indicators. All meters have a sleep mode to aid in power conservation, and some have a programmable option that will put the meter into sleep mode after a predetermined amount of time. Each display can withstand mild exposure and is shatterproof from the front. These tiny meters are excellent for monitoring your electrical system.

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