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Gasket Exhaust Elbow 3 Hole | Crusader 96108

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Gasket Exhaust Elbow 3 Hole | Crusader 96108

Crusader 3 Hole Exhaust Elbow Gasket | 96108

Gasket 3 Hole Exhaust Elbow Gasket | Crusader 96108 seals between exhaust manifold & riser extensions for proper cooling water flow.

  • Crusader exhaust riser gasket
  • Fits Crusader V8 small block 283, 305, 307, 327, and 350 cu. in. marine engines up to approximately 1991
  • Fits Crusader V8 big block 454 and 502 cu. in. marine engines up to approximately 1991
  • 3 hole gasket
  • Original Crusader
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an octane grade that is advised for Crusader engines given the current rise in gas prices?

Maximum performance is attained while using 87 octane fuel since Crusader fuel injected engines are tuned to run on it. For usage with the factory-set ignition timing, premium regular gasoline with a (R+M/2) octane rating is required.

Does crusader recommend a specific type of oil for their engines?

Use a high-quality SAE 15W-40 "SJ" when the average temperature is over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Use SAE 5W-30 "SJ" below 50. It is not advised to use synthetic oils in Crusader engines.

Explain Crusader's position on ethanol use?

This warning only applies to CRUSADER engines and their usage of ethanol fuels. The usage of ethanol fuels in vessel-related parts such boat gas tanks, boat fuel lines, boat fuel filters, etc. is not addressed. The boat owner is STRONGLY ADVISED to speak with the boat manufacturer about whether using ethanol fuel in their boat is appropriate.

Ethanol-blend fuel with an E10 or below rating is permissible.

Fuels with ratings greater than E10 is NOT advised.

Higher-than-E10 ethanol fuels have the potential to harm the engine and/or create hazardous boating conditions. The guarantee does not apply to harm to the engine brought on by the use of ethanol gasoline with an E10 rating or above.

What kind of coolant is recommended to be used in a Crusader engine / cooling system?

For engines with closed cooling systems, Crusader suggests mixing 50% DEX-COOL to 50% water, or any other suitable extended life coolant (pink/orange in hue). Overheating may result from coolant levels greater than 50%. Do not combine DEX-COOL with conventional silicated coolant or use it in its place (green in color).

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