Marine Exhaust Manifolds

See our collection of Marine Exhaust Manifolds, Most in stock and available to ship now!

Your boat engine is a hard-working machine. Just like a car engine, it builds up heat as it runs. That's where marine exhaust manifolds come in! They act like vents, carrying away hot exhaust gases and heat to keep your engine cool and running smoothly.

We have a vast collection of marine exhaust manifold to fit almost any boat and engine imaginable. Need a replacement for your inboard Mercruiser or Crusader motor? We've got you covered. Our collection includes manifolds for both the left and right sides of the engine, so no matter which one needs some TLC, we have a solution.

Built to Brave the Waves:

Rustproof Champions: Saltwater can be brutal on engines. Crafted from heavy-duty materials like cast iron and aluminum, exhaust manifolds resist rust and corrosion, keeping your engine in tip-top shape for many seasons.

Perfect Fit: Imagine a perfectly fitting puzzle piece. That's how our manifolds hug your engine, thanks to precision engineering. This ensures optimal performance and prevents leaks.

Save Some Cash: Many of our manifolds are just as good as the original parts that came with your boat, but at a much more affordable price. More money for those must-have fishing lures, right?

Find the Right Manifold for Your Boat:

Engine Matchmaker: We carry manifolds compatible with many popular marine engines, including Mercruiser, Crusader, Volvo Penta, and Indmar.

Big or Small Engines: We have manifolds for various engine sizes, from the efficient V6 configurations to the powerful V8s.

All Exhaust Systems Covered: Our collection includes manifolds for center-rise, wet-joint, and dry-joint exhaust systems, so you can find the one that matches your boat's setup.

Shop with Confidence:

Top-Rated Quality: Many manifolds have stellar ratings from other boaters, so you can be sure you're getting a reliable product.

Anchored in Low Prices: We offer competitive prices on all our manifolds, so you can keep more money in your wallet for your next boating adventure.

Keep your boat engine cool and happy with a brand new marine exhaust manifold from our collection. Set sail today and find the perfect fit for your boat!