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4 Cylinder Ignitor Electronic Ignition Kit | Pertronix 1545

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4 Cylinder Ignitor Electronic Ignition Kit |  Pertronix 1545

Upgrades conventional Autolite 4 cylinder distributors to breakerless electronic ignition.

  • For 4 cylinder Autolite distributors from 1961-1980
  • Converts point style distributors to breakerless electronic ignition
  • Delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs increasing horsepower fuel economy and spark plug life
  • A 2:1 improvement over point type systems in a current fall time for increased coil output
  • Rotating cobalt magnets mounted on the distributor shaft trigger an electronic switching module
  • No points to burn pit or corrode no moving or rubbing parts to wear out
  • Electronics are molded in epoxy eliminating deterioration from dirt oil grease or moisture
  • Fits entirely in the distributor with no black box to clutter the engine compartment
  • Stable timing no need for any adjustments
  • No complicated wiring makes installation easy
  • Works great in stock point type distributors as a trigger for multi spark CD ignitions eliminating the need for expensive aftermarket distributors
  • Designed for use with most point type coils
  • Optimal performance achieved when used with Flame Thrower 40,000 volt coil
  • Temperature Range -50 degrees to 300 degrees F
  • RPM range 0 to 15,000 RPM
  • Legal in all 50 states and Canada
  • Guaranteed for 30 months
  • Fits Autolite IGW series 4181A,C, 4118, 4120, 4192, 4409A, and 6003-2A


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