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Blue Sea Dual Circuit Plus Battery Bank Combiner 7650

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Blue Sea Systems Dual Circuit Plus Battery Bank Combiner 7650

Battery switch & SI ACR kit automatically combines battery banks during charging, isolates batteries when they are discharging & allows combining of banks for emergency starting.

  • Blue Sea Add-A-Battery kit

  • Kit includes (1) Blue Sea 5511e Dual Circuit battery switch and (1) Blue Sea 7610 SI ACR automatic charging relay

  • The perfect way to charge both a starting battery and a house battery from 1 alternator

  • Designed to switch 2 battery banks simultaneously while maintaining battery bank isolation

  • ACR combines batteries to share the charge when engine is on

  • ACR isolates the battery banks to protect the starting battery from discharge when engine is off

  • Allows for the combining of battery banks for emergency engine starting

  • Start isolation temporarily separates house loads from engine circuit during engine cranking to protect sensitive electronics

  • Designed for use with most inboard and outboard powered boats

  • 120 amp continuous rating

  • 12V or 24V DC voltage input

  • LED indicator displays ACR status

  • Shares the charge between two batteries more efficiently than a battery isolator

  • Allows efficient dual battery charging without regulator adjustment or rewiring

  • Easy to install and wire – does not require integration with engine wire harness

  • Meets ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 – ignition protection requirements

  • Dual Circuit Plus battery switch is waterproof rated IP66 – protected against powerful water jets

  • SI ACR is waterproof rated IP67 - temporary immersion for thirty minutes

  • CE marked

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