Hose Assembly #10 X 44.5 In. | Crusader 22624

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Hose Assembly #10 X 44.5 In. | Crusader 22624

Crusader Hose Assembly 22624: Replaces Older Crusader Engine Parts

Keep Your Crusader Engine Running Cool with Genuine OEM Replacement

The Crusader Hose Assembly 22624 is a critical component for your Crusader marine engine's cooling system. It's specifically designed to ensure proper coolant circulation between the engine and oil cooler, preventing overheating and potential engine damage.

Replaces Crusader Legacy Parts:

  • 22167
  • 22421

Key Features:

  • Genuine Crusader Part: Manufactured to meet strict OEM specifications for guaranteed compatibility and performance.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the harsh marine environment and extended engine operation.
  • Precise Fit: Ensures a leak-free connection for optimal coolant flow and engine cooling.
  • Easy Installation: Direct replacement for existing Crusader hoses using compatible fittings (refer to your service manual for specific installation instructions).
  • #10 x 44.5 in


  • Crusader C454 (454 C.I.D.) V-8 Engines (Verify compatibility with your engine model before purchase)

Benefits of Using Genuine Crusader Parts:

  • Optimal Engine Performance: Ensures proper engine cooling for peak performance and longevity.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Reduces the risk of leaks and ensures a reliable cooling system.
  • Peace of Mind: Provides confidence in your boat's operation with a trusted OEM part.

Where to Purchase:

Crusader parts are available for purchase through MacombMarineParts.com

Additional Tips:

  • Regularly inspect your Crusader engine's cooling system for signs of wear or damage, including cracks or leaks in the hoses.
  • Refer to your boat's service manual for recommended maintenance intervals and proper hose replacement procedures.
  • Consider consulting a certified marine mechanic for assistance with installation or if you have any questions about compatibility.

By using genuine Crusader Hose Assembly 22624, you can ensure your Crusader engine receives the proper cooling it needs for reliable operation and extended service life.


The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for professional guidance. Always refer to your boat's manual for specific maintenance instructions and consult a certified mechanic if needed.

Crusader Hose Assembly 22624

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