Premium Marine Polish with PTEF - 16 oz. | Star Brite 085716PW

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Premium Marine Polish with PTEF - 16 oz. | Star Brite 085716PW

Star Brite 16 oz. Premium Marine Polish | 085716PW

Premium Marine Polish is simply the best polish you can buy. The special polymer coating provides unmatched protection against UV rays, seal the surface to repel stains, and deliver a deep, long-lasting gloss. Application is simple, whether by hand or with a buffer; apply, let dry to a haze, and wipe off. Use once per year to keep new and restored boats looking their best. Ideal for all fiberglass, metal, glass, or painted surfaces.

  • Star Brite premium marine polish
  • 16 ounce bottle
  • One of the top marine polishes on the market
  • Proprietary polymer provides unmatched UV protection and a mirror like shine
  • Ultra durable product lasts up to 5 times longer than competitors marine waxes
  • UV inhibitors prevent sun fading and oxidation
  • Quick and simple application, wipe on, let haze, wipe off
  • Leaves a super smooth, non-stick coating which reduces drag and repels dirt, grime, oil and stains
  • Increases hull speed on unpainted bottoms
  • If surface is oxidized or hazed, start with Star Brite One Step Heavy Duty Cleaner Wax p/n 089632P

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